Where in the World is Joaquin Pheonix?

Screening Two Lovers NY

I’m sure everyone remembers Joaquin Phoenix and his crazy antics on Dave Letterman last February. I know we all heard that he quit acting and instead, was going become a gangsta rapper and what not. And I’m sure we all speculated that him turning into a homeless looking person and forgetting how to speak proper words was all an elaborate hoax done for a mockumentary that his brother in law Casey Affleck had been filming.

After he fell off the stage at a rap show, I was certain there would be more occasions where he would be out and about with the media on his heels. For a few weeks he was all anyone talked about. Ben Stiller even parodied him last year during the Academy Awards.

Flash forward 7 months, and it’s like it never happened. His latest movie, 2 Lovers, was released recently without a word about it’s stars whereabouts. What the hell is going on? Does noone care anymore?

I, for one- am of the mind that the media is in kahoots with him, and are purposely staying out of his way. If this is the case, then whatever we have coming is gonna be good. Real good. So good that the Perez Hiltons and Tyler Durdens of the world are not wanting to spoil it.

Or maybe I’m just the only one who cares.


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