Things I’ve Learned, a poem

There are a few things in our lifetime

I just don’t understand..

Like why do birds have wings to fly,

While we’re stuck here on land?

As a girl of six or seven

I was curious and keen-

I wandered what the difference was

Between girls and boys I mean?

I went to ask my mom,

Her face a crimson red-

“That’s something you will learn one day-

but only once you’ve wed.”

Disappointed with her answer,

I went to find my dad-

With hopes that he could shed some light

On the question that I had.

I heard him in the bathroom-

So I threw open the door

His back faced me but what I saw

I’d never seen before.

I  snuck away without a sound

And waited for my turn,

Curious to test myself-

A lesson I would learn.

The doing was not so easy,

But I knew I had to try.

I stood and thought this can’t be good-

Pee trickled down my thigh.

The moral to this story

The difference that was taught-

Is that boys can pee while standing up

But girls they just cannot!


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