OOHHH My Love, my darling… RIP Patrick Swayze


I know I should have been preparing myself a little better for this day, but I have been ignoring the Negative Nancy’s and have chosen to listen to the people who said he was getting better. I feel so stupid having such a strong reaction to the death of someone who I have only known through¬† films… but I am really, genuinely sad… and for oh so many reasons.

For one- in a way, he was my first love.

He was one of the reasons I loved to dance… and made me not so afraid to move my hips.

More importantly, he made straight guys not so afraid of dancing… I remember my high school boyfriend even let me teach him the “Time of my life” dance.

He is the reason “ditto” was introduced into the English vocabulary.

I think the¬† love for Johnny Castle (Dirty Dancing) has really influenced the average girl’s love for the “bad boy.”

He played a really really pretty drag queen(Too Wong Foo.) I am still a little jealous of his legs.

Patrick Swayze was so good, he even made Keanu Reeves look good in Point Break.

He gave hope to many fugly girls with no rhythm. (Dirty Dancing)

He also gave us the song “She’s like the Wind” that was all kinds of awesome.

Additionally, he gave us one of the best sketches ever on SNL.

Anyway, I just wanted to take a moment to tell say how much Mr. Swayze will be missed. Now I must go watch the last part of “Time of my life” where he kind of lip syncs and moves his eyebrows up and down- over and over.


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