Nanu Nanu

Today has been one of those especially uneventful days. After a whole week of wanting it to quit raining, I wish it were raining today so I would have an excuse for my lack of movement.

I haven’t left the couch except for a quick trip to the doctor, which was pretty boring… except for  when a lady ran through the waiting room demanding medicine- and she wasn’t wearing any shoes. The whole waiting room burst into laughter; and for the first time ever in the history of health care waiting rooms, there was a brief break in the awkwardness. I’m sure there aren’t scenes like this in real doctor’s offices. The kind of doctor’s offices where people who actually have health insurance go to.

Then I came back home, put my pajamas back on, and took my place on the couch-where I still sit.

I  just finished watching Awakenings with Robert De Niro and Robin Williams. This was the first time I’ve seen it and I was pleasantly surprised. For a brief moment I pondered the fact that De Niro didn’t win an Oscar for his role, but then I realized it was probably because he went full retard.

It also provoked my friend and I to enter into a deep discussion about Robin Williams, and whether he is attractive or not. She says she wouldn’t do him… but I must confess that I have always had a crush on him. It must be leftover from my childhood obsession with Mork and Mindy. Until I was about 9 years old, I truly thought that I would grow up and marry Mork. Sad as it may sound, I even had quite a deep love affair with my Mork doll. I think my crush may have stemmed from Mork’s awesome taste in clothing.


After Awakenings,  I flipped through the channels an landed on Twister. Once again, I couldn’t make myself change the channel until it was over. I don’t what it is about Twister, but it’s definitely the crack of film. TNT plays the shit out of that movie, and I’ve probably watched it every other weekend since February. And it really, really blows- no pun intended.

I am rounding off my Saturday afternoon movie marathon with a thousanth time viewing of The Jerk.

Later I may try to watch another  movie that I actually haven’t seen a million times.

Congratulate me on a wasted weekend.

And also, does anyone know anyone who can install a toilet into my couch? I really have to pee but I don’t want to get up.

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