My New Leaf: another craptastic poem

Today will be the day!

A new leaf off the tree-

I’ll spend each bit of precious time

Only doing good for me

I plan to get up early,

Maybe go for a long run.

I would really like to watch T.V.

But there is no time for fun.

I’ll take a shower, clean real well-

And even shave my legs.

Refrain from shopping for new clothes

And parties filled with Kegs.

Then I’ll do the dishes-

The sink is piled high.

I’ll sweep and mop and mow the grass

That’s long surpassed my thigh.

I’ll launder all my dirty clothes

And fold them when I’m done-

I’ll buy fresh goods from the market place,

Right now my fridge has none.

I’ll write some notes to all my friends

Who are afar and over sea-

A hurricane has hit my room,

So I’ll pick up the debris.

I’ll go and change my oil

Maybe go and find a job

I’ll volunteer at the nursing home

And fix that old door knob.

With all these thoughts and plans

I’ve grown tired and feel dismay-

I’m thinking now that my new leaf

Can wait another day.

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