James Cameron’s Avatar, I just don’t get it…

Ok, just so we are all clear – I’m a nerd and I listen to pretty much any podcast and read any article that has the word “film” in it. I am quite aware that  James Cameron‘s Avatar, has been all the buzz for the last three years. Even though I’m more of a “Titanic” fan than any of his sci- fi films, (Aliens, The Abyss, Terminator) I have to admit that even I have grown a little curious.

The trailer was finally released a couple weeks ago, and I’m sure everyone who cares has seen it by now. I’m still hearing nothing but positive buzz. Everyone is talking about how they can’t wait for the “best film of the year” and how great the CG is. I can understand being impressed by the trailer… as it is visually pretty impressive… but how the hell does everyone think that this will be the best film this year? I have watched the trailer about 14 times and still can’t figure out what this is about. All I can gather is that it has something to do with blue aliens on another planet in the future… I guess. What am I missing that everyone else sees? What makes this film so frickin special?

Let me know if you have the answers…

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  • Name

    It looks like an awesome film about aliens is all I can figure.

  • Name

    It looks like an awesome film about aliens is all I can figure.