I don’t care what you eat

I guess it’s time again for me to share with you something that really, really annoys me.

I want to preface this with the fact that I am well aware that what I’m doing on this blog may not interest you in the tiniest bit. You may have come across this page and criticized my writing, or wonder why the fuck I think anyone would care about the fact that I had yet another “shitting myself” dream. And  that’s cool with me. I really couldn’t care less about your judgment of me; therefore feel  no less guilt about judging others.

Which brings me to what I hate today: Food blogs.

I  want to be clear what I mean by “Food Blogs.” I am not talking about recipe or cooking blogs that serve a purpose in explaining how to make and present meals… Or even food review blogs, where people tell me what I should order. I’m talking about  the people who have a personal blog, and don’t have anything more  interesting to share with the world, other than what they ate for their last meal. If you’ve never come across one of these blogs, just browse any blog directory and you are sure to find one within the first ten minutes of browsing. In fact, I’m pretty sure the “blog world” is comprised of about 30% foodie blogs, 40% mommy blogs, 20% blogs about blogging and other technical shit, and about 10% of the blogs are in the miscellaneous category.

Here is an example of how a Food Blog post might look.


This week I’m trying to save money and avoid the rain so I decided to eat lunch at my desk. Thank goodness I remembered to grab my lunch on the way out. I also decided that today I’m going to eat healthy. We’ll see if that decision will hold true until dinner time!


I decided to start with Apples and Cinnamon Oatmeal, my favorite!!!

diet coke

I washed it down with a Diet Coke! I wish it was a real one, but I already had 2 cokes for breakfast (see last post) so I’m trying to be good!


Then I ate a yummy apple! EE gads!!  That’s a lot of apple products for one day!!! What I wouldn’t do for a camel apple sucker!!


For desert I had a Dark chocolate pudding cup! Delicious and only like 100 calories!


But I was STILL Hungry!!! MMMmmm string cheese! Light! only about 3 of these fills me up! hehehe


Cinnamon trident gum is my favorite! I usually have at least half a package a day!!!


Ok so maybe the average “Food Blog” is a little more interesting than this, but they still get on my nerves. And I know people read them! My best friend probably reads food blogs more than she reads mine.

Maybe I’m just jealous that people are eating things that are so much more interesting than I eat.

Or maybe they just plain suck.

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  • lralln9

    I read recipe and and educational food blogs, thank you! And yes, probably more so than I read your own…

  • lralln9

    I read recipe and and educational food blogs, thank you! And yes, probably more so than I read your own…