Guilt just kicked my ass

I wish I could kick my own ass for my behavior this week. This is the laziest I have been in over a year, at least when we’re talking about working out.

I think it is partly the weather. This is literally the seventh straight day of rain, and I am beginning to go out of my mind.

I think it’s also partly because last week I reached a monumental goal, and I’ve been using the fact that I’ve “earned myself a break.” as an excuse. Last week I hit my 100 lbs- lost mark, which feels really amazing.. but now that I’ve reached my  goal there’s a tiny part of my brain that’s like “what now? go celebrate!! have a cookie!!!”  I think I’ll take the rest of this week, then get back being focused. It’s not nearly as hard as it used to be-to get myself to the gym and stay away from carbs, and I just have to tell myself how good it feels to be healthy.

I also have to remember that almost exactly 2 years ago, when I first started this journey, I wouldn’t have thought twice about picking up Whataburger or Taco Bueno for lunch. Not that I don’t have my slip ups now and then… but honestly just the thought of eating a burger in the middle of the day and then sitting at my desk for 5 hours makes me wince.

Enough about that… I’m starting to feel really guilty now that I’ve put this out there. I think I’ll be going to spin class tonight after all!

In other news, tonight is the season 5 premiere of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, just  in case I haven’t mentioned it. The Office, Parks and Recreation and Community also all premiere tonight on NBC so (after spin,) I plan on going home, pulling out my pastels (because lately I have been wasting time drawing 5-yr old like pictures of “peace trees” and cacti,) and spending the evening watching some long, awaited television.

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    Yay! You reached your goal – congrats! Proud of you:)

  • Name

    Yay! You reached your goal – congrats! Proud of you:)