For when you just don’t want to risk pee on the seat…

I just read about the most amazing invention ever. It’s called “The Go Girl.” I tried to find a link to the actual website so I where you can buy it online, but when I typed “Go Girl” into google, all I got were a bunch of sites that could only be porn. It is currently selling at the Minnesota State fair, but after the fair- they are expected to sale 40,000 a week via the website that I can’t find.

Basically it is a tool that allows girls to stand while peeing. I know! How has this idea not taken off already?

I now feel a little weird admitting that I would like to pee whilst standing. Not every time or anything. Just in certain situations. Come on, you have to admit that you were curious… as a child at least.

I’m not lazy… not at all. But how awesome would it be on road trips, not to have to worry about the state of the public restroom? Or when you’re camping… you wouldn’t have to worry about falling back into your own puddle when your drunk squatting in the woods. Sounds awesome. I still don’t really understand the logistics of the product… but they describe it as a “silicone funnel design.”

I was kind of thinking it would be something more like a water hose with some kind of suction cup or something.

I read about this on, in case your interested. I would link to it but it adds an  advertisement on my page that is really annoying.

Speaking of, I know I have been adding quite a few poems, but I have one that directly relates to this – that I will be posting shortly- if you’re interested.


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