Quit with the cat pics already!!

Why do so many people on the internet post pictures of their cats? Every time I log onto digg,  twitter, or facebook- i see a million posts, videos and pictures about people’s cats. I don’t care if your cat can walk on two legs and piss in the toilet, I don’t think your cat is cute. I never click on these posts unless it’s accidental, but nevertheless; these kitties have infiltrated themselves into my daily life. Every time I open a forward email- bam- there’s another picture of a cat cuddled up with another cat. Or a cat eating at the table. Or a cat stuck somewhere, though that one I don’t mind so much. I want to punch the lady in the face who first put a picture of her cat with it’s head stuck in a cup on the web.

I don’t know why I have such a hatred for these beastly animals. I think it may have something to do with the fact that every single day I come home, and the cup of water that I leave by my bed every night (bc I’m allowed to do that) is knocked over by one of my roommate’s cats who tried that head in the cup of water thing. I am telling you first hand that it is not cute finding water spilt all over my book, daily.

Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that last week I came home to find a cat locked in my closet, and I still haven’t been able to rid my clothes of that putrid nasty ammonia  smell of cat pee.

Or maybe the feeling comes from the time, years ago- when I came home to find my college roommate’s cat on the floor of my bedroom, pawing my Beta fish, which had been in a bowl on the very top bookshelf. My roommate, by the way; kept her Beta fish out in the open on the kitchen table- and it never got almost eaten.

It could just be from the fact that it really makes me mad that cats don’t let me hold them. How can an animal be considered “cute” and “a great pet” if it won’t even cuddle with you?If it won’t greet you at the door and pee on your foot in excitement?

Blerg, now I really miss my dog- Princess Stella Rosita Devito Tootsie Bertha Brown.

My Stella Bear
My Stella Bear

Now that is a cute animal. I’ll post some really abnoxious videos soon.

Now  PLEASSEEEE quit with the kitty posts!!! I’m losing my mind!!!!

And I do have a heart, by the way. Feel free to email me cute  forwards of dogs, monkeys, rats, snakes, zombies, or poop. I enjoy all of those.


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