My Luck: A Poem I wrote

I once found a penny and

bent down to pick it up,

I noticed its head was showing

So I thought I’d have good luck.

I put it in my pocket

and headed on my way

but on the road I walked by a man

who said “its not your day.”

With gun in hand, he took my purse

and searched it for some cash-

He took my money, cards, and watch,

that’s when I saw his rash.

As he walked off I had to puke

For then I did realize

that his bumpy, red and oozing arm

had grazed across my thigh.

I rushed right home to take a bath,

but when I rose from bed-

I felt the bumps and wished that I

had found a dime instead.

One year it was my birthday

I hadn’t got a call

I sat depressed, that’s when I felt

I had no friends at all.

But then I heard a knocking

from someone at the door-

I thought with glee that Someone cares!

my day I can restore.

But when the door was open

I found that they had flown-

but left a box that clearly said

“Happy Birthday” from “unknown.”

Too dumb to feel suspicion

I looked what was inside

“What luck!” I thought “A rabbits foot!”

I couldn’t hide my pride.

With my ego now repaired-

I went out on my own

to a pub right in my neighborhood

and sat up on a throne.

The beers went down like water,

the liquor fogged my head-

Got up too quick to use the loo

and tripped on my own leg.

The world was dark for quite a while

but soon I knew the truth-

my mouth was filled with streaming blood

and not just from one tooth

A hand reached down to help me up

I saw to my surprise-

It was my love from long ago

a man who I despise.

I sobered up real quickly-

not from pain but from my grief

For who was right beside him?

his new wife with all her teeth.

One day as I sat reading

I found a clover leaves of four.

I thought I must be seeing things

so I counted them once more.

I pulled the clover from the ground

and pressed it in my book

If I had known what it would bring

This clover I would not have took.

I then resided reading

but only for a while-

I heard a rustle in a bush

that made me jump about a  mile.

I breathed in deep and clutched the book

that held my good luck charm

for what was running towards me

was a reason for alarm.

It was a man all clad in green

I froze in my appall

at the speed which he was moving

For he was only three feet tall!

I turned and started running

away from my nightmare

but the little man was at my heels

I quickly said a prayer.

Soon the lad did trip me

and snickered as he said-

“I must cut off all you hair now!”

and he took me by the head.

I tried to make a protest

and I tried to get away

but the little mite had quite a grip

and snipped with no delay

He left me there alone and bald

ashamed to tell my friends-

that all because I took a plant

and failed to make amends

A leprechaun took all my hair

my worth and dignity

Oh how I wish the that clover had

only leaves of three!


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