ewww….. or yummy?

I came across several articles today featuring a story about KFC’s new sandwich, the Double Down. 2 pieces of fried chicken replace the buns for this very cheesey sandwich. They are currently sampling this in a couple cities and are not serving them in most locations. I have a feeling after these news reports have gone viral so quickly, they are not¬† going to be served at a KFC near you- which is probably¬† a good thing. I have to give KFC props though for this brave move in a nation that seems to be coming closer to controlling what its population consumes. Way to go KFC! WAY TO GO FREEDOM!!!

According to the KFC, here are the unofficial numbers:

Calories: 590
Calories from fat: 280
Total fat: 31g
Saturated fat: 10g
Trans fat: 0g
Cholesterol: 190mg

Would you think me disgusting if I admitted the fat girl inside me is a little curious?


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