Top 5 saddest things I Look forward to daily

– The first five minutes of every morning when I decide to call in to work. (the next 40 minutes of snoozing and knowing I have to actually go are not so great.)

-Flipping through the talk radio channels like a mad woman on my way to work. Nothing gets me going in the morning like angry conservatives.‘s daily craption contest every day at 2pm. They have a picture and nerds compete to write the highest voted caption. Not rocket science-but it’s very entertaining.

– String Cheese for an afternoon snack. There is something about savoring a peice of cheese, string by string… some so small that they don’t even have a flavor. It’s a daily challenge to myself to see how many strings I can separate it into.

IMDB’s daily poll. It is the first thing I do when I log onto my computer every day. It’s not so much something I do out of joy, but it’s become second nature. Kind of like cracking your knuckles.


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