Something Profound

You know how I’ve always wanted to get famous via a story (about me) on NPR? Well I have. I would love nothing more in life that to be featured in a story on This American Life or better yet, Fresh Air.

So I’ve been searching high and low for something that I can do that would be profound enough that National Public Radio would have an interest in me. Sure, I know TAL is often about the normal, everyday, people that live in America… But I’m not sure I fit into that category either.

Then this morning I read this article about a homeless guy who left behind his estate of 4 million dollars to NPR. He went to college, earned a graduate degree, became a marine, retired, then spent the remainder of his life roaming the streets without a single item except his radio- all the while investing his money and becoming a millionaire.I seriously couldn’t help but tear up reading this…

What a life! I can’t even save a hundred dollars a paycheck to pay off my tv, while this guy saves every penny to dedicate to a radio station. I guess he was a lot more dedicated to his dream of being featured on NPR than I am.


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