Neti Pot for your snot

One of my roommates (have I mentioned there are 4 of us)? has been suffering from some pretty bad sinus issues as of late. He also suffers from an addiction to Flonase, and for a while he almost got the rest of us hooked. We”re already all hooked on his ambien (that’s another story) and I know ¬†that another substance addiction could increase my chances of ending up on the show “Intervention,” and I don’t want that to happen unless I’m acting.It was hard to resist though as there is just something about the smell of roses combined with a few minutes of being light headed, that makes you want to repeat the process after 5 minutes.

Anyway, he has been complaining for a while about the sores he was getting in his nose, and had forgotten to get his perscription re-filled, so needed a quick remedy. We have all been hearing really good things about this product Neti Pot.


Now I have performed sinus flushes on myself where I nearly drowned. You know the kind… you get a coffee cup filled with hot salt water and suck it up your nose until it comes out your mouth. Your nose ends up just as clear as it would if you got hit by a massive wave and then stuck in a current and finally after nearly 2 minutes you make your way above sea level. Not fun.

This is essentialy the way the Neti Pot works, except instead of a coffee cup, you get to drown yourself out of a little pot that looks like Robin Williams will pop out of it if you rub it three times.


We all braced ourselves as my roommate put the end of the Neti pot  into his nose. I was at really hoping for a snot rocket, or at least a little choking. nada. And he says it does actually really work, so if you have a clogged nasal cavity you may want to give it a snort.

We were all a little let down by the lack of excitement of the ordeal, but having seen this video below, I have a feeling this little genie lamp may hold some adventures in it yet.


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