Carissa Explains nothing…

Hello people of the world. I’ve decided it’s time to jump on the blog-band wagon now that everyone and their mom’s dog are doing it. Plus now that my parents have joined Facebook, I feel the need to find a more hidden area of the inter-web to share my thoughts. Though I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before my mom’s second life avatar begins commenting on my posts.

Hmm…  what does one say on their very first blog ever? If you have made your way here then I probably need no introduction, as I’m sure I told you to come here. If perchance you stumbled across this site, then all you need to know is that I’m kind of a big deal. No really. My dog pees the floor every time I come home if that tells you anything.

Why did I start a blog you ask? Well for one, I’m going to use this space to vent and share my quarter-life, jaded opinions of the happenings of this lovely earth. I also really like movies. And I’m kind of prone to disaster. So join me on my hurricane ride of a journey called Carissa’s life.

Will I start out every paragraph with a question? You’ll just have to wait and see.


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