Another day

Oh it’s another day alright. The check engine light just came on in my car, which really shouldn’t surprise me since (except for the last 4 months) it has been on since I drove all the way to Chicago back in 2004.

I’m not sure which problem the check engine light is indicating this time. Though I guess it really doesn’t matter, since the only problem I’m focused on is the fact that my windshield wipers haven’t worked since March (around the exact same time my check engine light miraculously faded away,) and it is supposed to continue raining for the remainder of this week. I have had every intention of getting this issue fixed, but I never remember to actually do it until it is 7:30 am, it’s raining, and I’m late for work.

Dad- I know if you’re reading this, you are currently shaking your head and saying, “you should be thankful you even have a car!” I know you’re right. I know I should. And I really am, until the days like today, when it is monsooning down on me and I’m having to stick my had out of my car, Ace Ventura style. Days like today I’d much rather be riding a bus.



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