500 Hundred Days of Summer-

is definitely worth seeing and not a bummer.


I realize that was bad, real bad. But I couldn’t think of anything clever to say so I stooped to what I thought was the next best thing, a rhyme. I was wrong.

But this isn’t about me. This is about a movie that I really, very much enjoyed. I kept hearing that this film is not what you would expect, so I went into it really not knowing what to expect, and came to my own opinion that it was kind of what I expected. Especially knowing that the director, Marc Webb, is a former music video director.

It’s definitely not your average rom-com chick flick. I actually don’t think I would classify it as a chick flick at all. The film is completely told from  the guy’s point of view, which is very rare in the romantic comedy genre, and I would know. Looking back, the story wasn’t really anything too out of the ordinary, as long as you discount the fact that the couple in question does not end up together. The way the story is executed  will make “500 Days” stand out from the endless dribble of “Made of Honor” type of movies that have been released recently.  The film essentially tells the story of Tom (Joseph Gordon Levitt) falling in love with Summer (Zooey Deschanel,) and his reaction to their break-up. The kicker is that the movie is  non-linear. We go from seeing Day  344 , when they’re in the midst of a break-up, to day 11 when they are first starting things up. (these are not the actual days, I’m not a professional here.) It’s like the movie version of Boggle, and I like it.


I’ve read several reviews where “500 Days of Summer” has been compared to Garden State and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I can understand if they are referring to the movie’s “artsy” qualities. However, if you’re talking about the tone,  it’s pretty obvious Marc Webb had a lot more fun with his film, despite the fact half of the movie revolves around a dramatic breakup, than Zach Braff or Michel Gondry did in their perspective films. In fact, although both Garden State and ESOTSP hold places in my personal top 10, I have to say 500 Days beat them out on my fun-o-meter.( In case you’re wondering, my fun-o-meter measures movies by how many drinks I want to have when I’m finished. ) I’ve also heard many a comparison between this movie and Woody Allen’s Annie Hall, which definitely shares a similar plot.



What really helps the film is the fact that Zooey Deshanel has the uncanny ability to entrance the audience. Whether she is playing playing the “Penis Game” in a crowded park, or telling her boyfriend (without regret) that their relationship is over, you can’t make yourself hate Summer. Plus I really dig her 60’s inspired clothing. In fact, she has pretty much awed me in every film she’s been in. And damnit yes, I’ll admit it. I originally cut my bangs in an effort to look more Zooey Deshanel-ish. Didn’t work.


Joseph Gordon Levitt’s Tom is equally charming and enjoyable to go on a journey with, which is not surprising considering his recent track record. Tom is so damn adorable that he will make you want to move to LA and cook him pancakes until he gets over that stupid Summer. And even if he were still in love with her, you’d still want to cook him platonic pancakes.  We were first introduced to him in the 90’s alien sitcom “3rd Rock from the Sun,” and even before that I had Tiger Beat pictures in my room after he starred in 1994’s  “Angel in the Outfield.” He was dreamy even back then.

And really as if all of this were not enough, 500 Days of Summer includes a dance scene and tons of good old movie references, as well as awesome music. Soooo… the dialogue could have been shit and I probably still would have come out smiling. But really, your a robot if you don’t relate to at least one of the characters. I’ve been both characters, though more often in Tom’s shoes. There were about 5 times in the movie where the characters had a conversation that I have had in the last few months. All in all, this is definitely one to see in the theater, and to buy on the release date. Even if you’re a dude, you should give this one a chance.



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